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This is a highly evolved method of healing once used in ancient Egypt and Atlantis. This technique can be provide excellent support and acceleration of ones’ spiritual and ascension path here on Earth. There are 3 levels to this program all filled with initiations, attunements and meditations specific to this modality.

Each program offers  3 x 1 hour sessions with Amanda Romania.

They will follow the manual sequence, however each session is unique to you and the information that is most pertinent to your purpose and intention will be revealed including your specific gifts and delivery methods.


This program introduces you to the origins of Egyptian Healing, Temple Life and the healing and clearing of the mind, body and spirit.

What you will receive

  1. Level 1 tuition with Amanda

  2. Level 1 Healing manual - downloadable PDF

  3. Healings and initiations Water Ceremony, Violet Flame Attunement, Dragons Breath

  4. Divine Masculine and Feminine- Attunement of Egypt


This level covers practice on how to access these specific energy healing protocols and energies for yourself and can be applied to your self and aspects of your own life.

This Level is perfect for anyone who is new to energy healing or for those who are healers yet want to remember and re-master their healing gifts and add to their mastery. These are bonus MP3 and videos. The content will assist in clearing the way for the full integration of the Healing work.

Online one to one teaching with Amanda. 


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After completion of Level 1 you may wish to share this gift with others, with friends family, animals, business and home environments and expand into Level 2.


Ancient Healing Level 2

This program helps you evolve through the journey of the Healer with advanced symbols and initiations.  The final session of this program focuses on how to work with energy healing for others and how to create your own spiritual practice or integrate this into an existing one. This Level is for intermediate to advanced students who have completed Level 1 and are ready to share this gift.


What you will receive

  1. Level 2- healing and assistance for self and others

  2. Symbols and Attunements for Level 2

  3. Initiation into the Order of Melchizedeck, Initiation of YOD

  4. Working with the Ancestors

  5. Level 2 Healing Positions

  6. Level 2 Manual - downloadable PDF.Online one to one teaching with Amanda.

Online one to one teaching with Amanda.


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Once proficient in Level 1 and 2 you may wish to advance to Mastery. This level allows you to attune and initiate others with Level 1 and 2. This process gives you access to sharing the work and the specific mastery lineage of Amanda Romania.

What you will receive

  1. Setting Intention As A Healer And Teacher

  2. How Mastery Works

  3. Understanding The Terminology & Sequence

  4. The Mastery Manual

  5. Mastery Attunements

  6. Specific Meditations

  7. Level 1 and Level 2 Initiations

  8. Mastery Initiation

In person attendance required in Sedona. Inquire about package and accomodation options.



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