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Amanda has a select product range including downloads, books and a range of high frequency Temple and Sedona attuned healing tools altar pieces, crystals, jewelry and unique products. Visit the ETSY store  here AtlantisSedona! 




Amanda's book and workshop are amazing. She provides a unique and gentle process for accessing often buried or forgotten past, present and future life information. Once accessed we can heal, clear or gain clarity that will positively impact this lifetime and beyond. The book is easy to read, the stories are captivating, and the meditations amazingly effective. If you're reaching for transformation, this book is a wonderful catalyst.- Natalie Eve Marquis


"I am sincerely humbled for your words you expressed and for placing loving healing oil with the scent of roses when we were at the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi; the sacred oil had a very soothing, healing, and emotional effect on me. We had not met yet, as it was the first day, but Amanda reached out to me so lovingly. Thank you for sharing your talent given by Divinity. Sending you all my love." 

—Susan, Florida, USA

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