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Temple Training

Sedona is a metaphysical University of the USA. Amanda Romania teaches over 101 sacred trainings to allow you to you remember your Temple work of the past and help you to apply it into the future. Her classes are innovative, fun and lead to deep spiritual awakening and understanding. Each class lasts either 45 or 60 minutes and can be accessed during a live stream transmission or a downloadable file. 




Spring Sessions 2021

*Age of Aquarius and the next dimensional shift

*Higher Heart and integration of the higher self

*Ancestors -access, clear, and honor Earthly and galactic ancestors and lineage. 

*New Children and Star Seeds    

Downloads now available for these Temple Training classes


April 2021 Topics
*Oracle Channeled Messages
*Glastonbury and Merlin wisdom
May 2021 Topics
*Halls of Amenti (virtual tour under Sphinx)
* Sacred Space (next generation, clear and protect multidimensionally).


You can pre-register or prepay for your choice of upcoming classes as well as any from the back catalog.

Upcoming classes will be sent to you on the day of release. All downloads are yours to keep.
email or message us for payment and class details.
All classes $10 each