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The Journey of

Oracle Mastery

Within us all is a sacred remembering. In ancient times we understood how to bring forward divine messages, wisdom and understanding about ourselves and the magnificence of the universes. As the Oracle, we spoke our truth to ourselves and to others. I am delighted to invite you to Oracle Mastery so that once again in this lifetime, you can align with your highest truth, magical presence and highest spiritual insight.

What is the Journey of  Oracle Mastery?

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Begin the Journey of the Oracle.

This Deck is unique in that each card is directly connected to The Record Houses and can therefore be used specifically for accessing and addressing the Records and situations currently reflected in your life.

Each of the 44 cards has a life and essence of its own. Treat each gently and with care and work from the heart to unlock the keys, codes, truth and justice of the Libraries of Light.

Amanda's introduction to The Akashic Records Oracle Deck


Access The Record Houses

Clear the Way to Your Higher Purpose

Interact with the Libraries of Light

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A sacred book 10 years in the making


Remember the Sacred Contracts

Honor the Temples and Divine Feminine

Who are the Divine Feminine Oracles? 

Do you ever see an image on a book, hear a sound while walking down the street, or smell a scent carried by the breeze that makes you envision a whole other life? Have you ever seen yourself on the shores of the Nile as a priestess praying to the goddess Isis or witnessing your own trial at Salem or serving as Anne Boleyn's handmaiden at court. This is exactly what happened to my friends and me. After spending thousands of years and countless lifetimes trying to repair our sisterhood, we finally had the chance to come together and restore our sacred contracts with Isis and with each other. We had to go back. We had to go back to the start of it all-the creation of our sisterhood at Philae and its destruction two hundred years later. This is a mystery that would take almost two thousand years to solve. Come on our journey and discover the power of sisterhood and the Divine Feminine.

For all my soul sisters, we remember you always and forever.

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Resurrect your Oracle Mastery

Remembering your Oracle strengths and wisdom is life changing. One of Amanda's greatest strengths is the passing on of knowledge, wisdom and energy codes to her clients and students. Time after time they return to her, delighted that they can access information from the Akashic Records and Libraries of Light and have become clearer and more proficient channels.

This new Master class delves deeper into the Journey of the Oracle and includes a specific workbook, 3 hours of personal online training and session work with Amanda as well as specific audio and video. 

This Master class not only opens the doors to your specific gifts, but also assists to reveal the best possible use in the here and now of Oracle insight and wisdom for the greater good.

If you are you ready to step up and further activate your Oracle gifts and missions, please join our community, request more information or purchase the Mastery package including personal sessions for just $444. 


A brand new Master Class

Access Your Oracle Gifts and Wisdom

Delve Deeper into the Path of the Oracle 

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These are unlike any other oracle cards I have ever worked with, the energy is different; but this is why I was drawn to them and why I wanted to purchase them (because they are different). I really like the matte finish of them, and the images chosen for the cards. also the packaging was very nice! 

After getting the cards I discovered a video on YouTube from the creator of the cards, she did a sample reading and explained a little about how they work, and what I mentioned previous was confirmed, these cards are different. I am still developing my relationship with the cards and how to communicate with them'. 
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