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Egyptian Blue Lotus Spray
NEW Egypt batch from Amanda's 2023 journey
Beautiful gentle notes .. not 'perfumy' 
These beautiful bottles raise and hold the frequency of the contents. 

60 ml Gold glasswith atomizer:
* Blue Lotus Oil from Abydos Temple in Egypt 
* Monoatomic Gold infused crystal chips (Shungite or rose quartz)
* Charged Andara or Herkimer Shungite water
*Nano Gold

Use this beautiful Anointing oil or spray, sparingly on pulse points or in ceremony or meditation. 
Perfect for anyone who works in healing or the spiritual arts.

Use this sacred oil blend to prepare for meditation, prayer, sacred space or energy healing. Simply shake the bottle gently. Then spray around your aura or room.  Inhale gently and focus on your heart and gratitude. Then let the love and magic work with you. 

A high frequency blend recommended for creating sacred space, for meditation and temple work
“The lotus symbolizes the purity of the spiritual life of man, for as the flowers have their roots in the water, but float above in sunlight, so the soul of man rises above the earth life.”
Used in ceremonies to reach higher levels of consciousness and connect to the Divine. Ancient Egyptian used Blue Lotus as a sacred sacrament. A natural anti-spasmodic along with aporphine, that can produce feelings of calm euphoria. A beautiful natural anti-anxiety and stress reliever connecting you to your divine nature. This Blue Lotus Oil was brought to Sedona from Abydos Temple in Egypt  and carries a high frequency.

Egyptian Blue Lotus Spray

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