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Gold Rose💖
 A truly sacred Temple spray - Limited Edition

60 ml Gold Bottle with atomizer
*Rose of Sharon
*Diamond Light Water
*Holy Water from Israel
*Nano gold

"During a recent sacred heart journey to the Holy Lands in April 2023, I was blessed to visit some of the most Holy places on Earth connected to Yeshua, the Magdalene and to Mother Mary during the Holy Trinity of Festivals. Our first visit to the Church of Mary Magdalene where I lit candles and taught on the sacred heart meditation and opened past life visions and a sacred and important time related to the divine and ascension. Here I experienced opening to a direct channel to the Magdalene and Mother Mary who asked me to share the sanctity  of Gold Rose. Along with Holy water from Jerusalum, Rose from Cana (where  according to the Fourth Gospel, Jesus performed "the first of his signs", his first public miracle) and the Sea of Galilee, blended with other sacred anointing oils, this delicate fragrance is filled with love, beauty and divine grace and it is my honor to bring it to you. Open your sacred space to the channels of wisdom from the power spots of the Holy churches, Temples, cities, the Sacred Sisterhood and the Divine Trinity". with Love... Amanda

Use in ceremony, high meditation, prayer or in sacred self care to surround yourself with the frequencies of this divine blend.

Gold Rose Magdalene Scared Heart

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