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Akashic Elixir
This is a powerful combination that works with physical and spiritual balance Interconnectivity, activation and integration of cosmic principles, deeper attunement to spiritual ideals, spiritual goals, and spiritual development. It assists with activating cosmic consciousness and  the ability to perceive multiple dimensions, time travel and  opens portals to other dimensions and  worlds.
Access highly-inspired channeling states, and especially important to help with enhanced ability to intuitively perceive cosmic principles and ideas.
Access clear information from the Akashic Record Houses and the Akashic fields and beyond.


Contains vibrational star elixirs:
*M28- Akashic Records, memories, vision awareness, access
*Epsilon -multidimensional balance, emotional clearing, telepathy
*Andromeda - soul evolution, cosmic consciousness
*NGC-DNA shift, higher consciousness shift
*Sirius- life lessons meaning and understanding, vibrational shift
*Diamond Light Water- diamond charged structured water
*Nano Gold - improves motor skills, acuity
*Gold Rutilated Quartz- integration, uniting energy fields, clarity, break through old patterns and ways of thinking, promotes psychic abilities, scrying.
*Tangerine - zen, cleansing


PLEASE NOTE  ** 30 ml gold glass with spray top...
This is purely a vibrational frequency blend in pure diamond light water with only a light citrus scent

Akashic Elixir

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