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October 16, 2017

September 28, 2016

January 20, 2016

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November 17, 2017

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Destiny of a Nation: Germany's Karmic Message

May 25, 2016


When the book Akashic Therapy was translated into German—“Akasha Therapie”—I was asked if Germany has a soul. Moreover, the question was put to me that if I were born into or had a past life in Germany, does a nation’s karma and energy affect me even after the events have faded into the history books?


Prompted by such questions, I gathered my metaphysical books and client case studies in search of an answer.


For many years, I have been supporting the individual in search of their soul records, also known as their “akashic” records. But this time, I was not investigating a person’s soul database, but the soul database of a whole country. I chose to firstly look at Germany and why her karmic records would be of any interest.


Every nation I found is subject to the energies evolving from solar and cosmic sources. Different nations are more receptive to certain natural forces than others, and all nations have their own evolution of national consciousness. It is this that creates their karmic national soul that creates life lessons and destinies for its citizens.


I read articles about Hitler’s Germany, and it is my belief that this era was a creation of collective Earth learning and a manifestation of the nation’s people, the shadow of the human race operating from a frequency of fear and what people believed was justified survival at the expense of others. In essence, Hitler’s Germany was like a law of nature—survival of the fittest.


Today as we evolve in consciousness and cosmic awareness, we open our hearts and minds to the level of enlightened thought. We cannot comprehend how such pain and destruction could be conceived. But it has, and the karmic repercussions still haunt many.


One of my early case studies came to mind:


Rose was born in England in 1958 and came to me seeking answers as to why she would reject and sabotage love and relationships. She struggled around groups of women at work and had always rejected opportunities for leadership. I took her into a regression of a past life where she saw herself as a female prison warden in a “death camp of evil”, as she described it. We wandered through her akashic record of this time in her past, and at many moments I feared she could endure no more of what she saw. She saw herself as a monster and would be damned forever. At this point I intervened and we began to look at what became of her in that lifetime. We moved towards the end of that life, and crossed into her life between lives where Rose saw herself alone and in shock and retreat. The contracts of shame, blame, and guilt were deeply engrained within her soul’s database.


I guided her to deep forgiveness for herself and for others. Most importantly, I helped her look at why this had happened and what she had to learn.


Even though we may be born in another country, it appears the karmic connections of our past lives connected with Germany can still haunt us.



Could history have been different for Germany?

According to her work “The destiny of the nations”, Alice Bailey describes how Germany has the mission of working with the ray of harmony through conflict, and has the “I am” motto of “I preserve” in its national akashic record. Bailey concluded that with a personality ray of power governed by Aries, Germany was always destined to initiate a great event into the world to bring the human race to a point of change.


Germany, Alice teaches, is ruled by Scorpio and Leo energy. It is a nation strong with courage like the lion, but reforms through death and destruction from the poisonous sting of the scorpion when woken from slumber by a dictator.


Each nation and culture involved in this moment of history appears to have been a player on this stage chosen by destiny.


It was the race of the Jewish community that had the sad mission to help fulfil this as one of the initial lambs to slaughter. Bailey advocates that the lesson of the Jewish race is a symbolic one. In ancient times they were “the chosen ones” entrusted with the karmic and symbolic mission to show that all are equally divine and all are God’s elect. That we never forget darkness and always seek the light.