Star Seed Connections: Introduction

Imagine for a moment the flowing energy within you and around you. Look out at the night sky and see the stars and planets. All this energy is a meeting of cells of light and life. It is a fusion of creation.

Every month, scientists post their new findings about how the earth was created. New discoveries on other planets lead us to speculate that life like ours could have existed before Earth or perhaps will exist after it is gone.

Can we be sure we know and understand what is out in the cosmos? If we opened our hearts, I think we would all have some questions.

Many years ago, while in Egypt, I was guiding groups through the temples and pyramids of Giza in Cairo. As a group, we would have a private viewing on the equinox or solstice. The viewing would last for two hours; we had booked the time much as one would buy a movie ticket. I now know this time was arranged for us by the amazing energies and light beings who still operate within the physically unseen dimensions in and around the great pyramid.

On one such occasion, I chose to stay at the back of the group. I wanted to ensure that all were safely escorted into the King’s Chamber and were safe during the meditation and ritual that would follow. We began the journey in silence, and then, when all were on the ladder, we began the sacred chant of the Akul. This old ancient chant connects deep within one’s soul and one feels as if every cell in his body is beginning to come to life on another level. You forget the darkness and fear of falling on the small rungs of the ladder and feel yourself floating with the ancient ones towards the sacred chamber above. Once in the chamber, your third eye sight is able to see the shadows move, see the energies shift, and hear the channeled whispers of old. One realizes that this is no ordinary place.

Worlds, Planets, and Constellations

If you read your horoscope, you will gather knowledge of the planets and their effects upon you. In ancient times, the gods and goddesses were connected to these planets, and it is my understanding that they used the powerful knowledge of these planetary energies or elixirs to explain that which could not be explained. They prayed to gods, but in many respects, I see that they were connecting with the energies and explaining this with stories of myth and fable.

This became confused with the religion. When people began demanding to see the physical forms of deities, the energy form was lost or corrupted. People began to search with their heads and not their hearts.

Akashic Knowledge and Star Seeds

Everyone has connections with these starlights, and everyone has been star seeded. One can imagine tiny energy particles building and collecting and connecting with other energies. Over time, these seeds grow and travel. An initial planet or star system is their first point of contact, but over time, they can include many places and spaces around the universe. This knowledge is held in their akashic records.

I often see this hall of knowledge in the akashic library in a separate section. It is silent and waiting to be discovered. Once you are connected to this knowledge, the stars take on new meaning, and one can discover why one is here on Earth.

The key races that I have encountered are from ancient temples, dreams, and meditation. I have found that each one has a connection to various people. I describe this as their original blueprint or star seed. One’s star seed energy has travelled to and connected with other places as well. I have also found that certain civilizations connect with us on the earthly plane.

The ancient civilizations knew the knowledge of the stars and built their temples to connect directly with them. The goddess Seshat, to whom I deeply connect, was a great architect of this. Upon her head, she has the star symbol, and in her hand, she carries the pen and staff of measurement. During meditation, she showed me how a priestess would walk in her steps, channeling messages and star constellations. These were then given to the priests connected with Thoth, who would use them to build monuments and temples in perfect mathematical and energetic alignment.

One only has to go moon bathing or to a certain part of the world to reach out and feel the Milky Way, to know how many millions and billions of star connections are out there. They will wait until you are ready to hear them. Once you feel the presence of your star family, you are never alone again.

Discovering one’s connections to other parts of the universe can bring peace to a restless heart.

In an angel wisdom workshop in 2004, I remember there were nearly 150 people in the room. One day, the teacher asked us if we would like to be “sorted” into our metaphysical groups. The groups were angels, fairies, mermaids, old souls, and star people. At first, people were not sure, but as they began to connect in their sections, the laughter and chatter began to rise.

I looked around the groups, and it was as if everyone had found their family, their tribe. I was in the old souls group. However, I had considered joining the star people group. I remember watching them find one another. Many had been very silent during the workshop, very shy and a little out of place. Their eyes lit up when they found one another.

During my next journeys to Egypt, I realized that the quiet souls who had little connection with the temples or past lives had a great deal of cosmic wisdom and energy to provide once we entered the Great Pyramid.

Long in the past, sought I wisdom

Knowledge not known to man, far to the past I travelled

Into the space where time began

Sought I ever new knowledge

To add to the wisdom I knew.

—The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean, Doreal

Starseed Connections to be Continued on the next several blogs... stay tuned!


Dr. Amanda Romania is a futurist, Akashic oracle, and soul journey artisan. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with her family, where she teaches and guides clients in person from her fabulous Sedona Soul Artisan Sacred Studio, Writers Salon and Atlantis Metaphysical Center.

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