Balancing your Bliss

This is a world of opportunity for "the golden lifetime" we are opening to an amazing state of bliss, beauty and balance. "Chasing Buddha in High Heels" is a concept that bridges the physical/ mental with the emotional/spiritual worlds.

In the ancient times of temple in Egypt the priestesses wore beautiful silks, jewelry studded with precious metals and gems. Yet every day they brought a ritual of peace, and grace that brought self worth and empowerment. We today in 2014 are seeing the return of these amazing women who work with their hearts and spiritual motivation all the while choosing lives surrounded by beautiful abundance.

We can learn from the laws of the universe, laws such as manifestation and attraction. Once we learn how energy works with our souls energy and the databases located in our hearts we quickly are able to bring forward into our life the relationships, wealth and health we truly desire and seek daily.

Spirituality is a consciousness of life and connection to the living universe. It is not simply a religious practice, life of abstinence and certainly not poverty.

There are many kind women who are awakening; they are seeking a great message of life and direction for their soul.

They live in feng shui homes, are empowered in relationships and appreciate the beauty of a healthy meal full of positive energy and a fantastic pair of shoes which help them step forward with that extra passion in life. This is a true balance and creates an Infinity of being-ness, a life and light that shines bright to all.


Dr. Amanda Romania is a futurist, Akashic oracle, and soul journey artisan. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with her family, where she teaches and guides clients in person from her fabulous Sedona Soul Artisan Sacred Studio, Writers Salon and Atlantis Metaphysical Center.

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