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Amazing Teachers in the Cosmos

Through my own meditations, reading, and client sessions, I have been very blessed to work with and connect to some amazing groups. When reading one’s Akashic records, one can visit the garden sanctuary and, when opening one’s book of records, see if one has had any past connection to these councils of light or if it is now time to activate this.

Great White Brotherhood

This is a group that is sometimes known as the collective field of intelligence, whose mission it is to repair the fields of energy in the universe. They are a spiritual family of many spiritual faces and intelligences that brings the message of everlasting life. They appear to me in meditation like colorful rays and offer wisdom and protection.

Ashtar Command

We live in balance, and this is true within the heirarchies of the universe. Lord Ashtar is a connection I have been honored to call upon when my work and missions took me to temples and countries in which I was unsure of energy attack and needed safe passage. He works with the councils of light and can be observed in the levels above us, in floating energy ships, and in protection. Call upon and connect with this group when you star travel. I also link this to the Archangel Michael’s energy.

Arcturian Council

When we work with our records, we sometimes locate lifetimes in which great pain and damage have occurred. The arcturian healing pods are one of the most powerful forces that I have found to call upon. They work in a similar way to the Archangel Raphael and can repair your energy in such records. I also call upon them to activate healing work with me when I connect into the life between life zones for etheric repairs or in preparation for any new energy keys and codes I may be about to experience.

Galactic United Nations

When I have meditated or taken clients to the rings of Saturn, I have been amazed that many have returned with similar stories, reporting that councils of light met them. They talk about each area having councils to which each of the stars and civilizations can connect. I like to think of this an elected and collective source. They have a unique library that is a central akashic record. It is vast and wide and beyond comprehension. One can visit this library from one’s life between lives akashic record, or one can request a direct viewing through the galactic council.

Blue Council

This has become a new area of connection for me personally. At first, I thought it was another level of a blue ray that was connected to either Sirius or to a temple. I wondered whether it was connected to the mother Mary’s energy. As I pondered, I was reminded of my blue butterfly initiation in Honduras in 2008.

On a trip to Copán, I decided meditate very early one morning in the ruins with a friend. At around 7:30 am, we sat on top of the step pyramid, and I allowed my full kundalini breath to expand within me and around me. I saw many lights, and on looking down at the ballpark area, I began to notice where the sacred Maya stones had been positioned and their connections to the star paths above. I saw the temple floors full of water and traveled back to an old time in ancient history.

Afterwards, I chose to sit in front of the Red Queen’s Temple. Little was known about her at the time, but I suddenly felt the presence of many women walking towards me with offerings. I felt as if my friend and I were freeing their souls.

At that point, I became aware of a large blue butterfly flying past. She looked agitated and began flying at me again and again. I sat still, not daring to breathe, and then a miracle happened: she landed on my leg and proceeded to walk up and down my upper leg. I checked with my friend to see if I was dreaming. The butterfly then walked up and down my arm, and I felt a blue light around me going through my heart and down through my arms. This lasted for well over 15 minutes, and I could now see tourists arriving and questioning whether I was tourist attraction.

The following year, I was in Egypt, and during the group meditation, the session leader called for those ready to serve to step forward. I saw myself wearing the blue butterfly like a scarf, and I was given an initiation into the Blue Council. I am sure I will learn more in time, but I know this council works with the ascension path of the many who are reaching the last journey through the earth and are ready to move their soul energies to new planets for star seeding.

Energies to Beware of

Dragonis – this is a group of energies and races from whom many lessons of the dark and lower astral levels have been created. They are organized and stealthy, and they hide behind mirrors and smoke screens.

Bellatrix – this star assists in the vision of psychic ability. However, this ability is often driven by the needs of ego control and negative intent. This star needs the law