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There are many books and maps that can help you connect through your telescope. For me, I simply forget the astrological terms and tend not to see the shapes. I only feel a certain star at a key time. I like to star bathe in its energy and focus on the message or elixir it wishes to send to me.

In your Akashic record search, do not be concerned if your connections are not listed in textbooks, because so many parts of this universe have yet to be discovered. In doing this work, remember that you are a pioneer on earth and a star traveler.

Here are the main places and beings I have experienced by myself or with others:

Pleiadies – connected to compassion and great learning. This civilization has already gone through many levels of ascension and can assist one’s journey of being in one’s heart. They often appear as a group of seven souls or around the symbol “7.” They hold great wisdom.

Spica – connected to the time of Lumeria. These beings assist in the transformation of the intuitive levels of the psychic knowledge within you.

Arcturus – connected with the Law of Help and healing. They work in the angelic realms. They teach the Law of Oneness: nothing is separate, and all is in balance.

Mirzam – manifestors and creators of miracles. They work with one to expect and understand that which cannot be fully comprehended. They beam a circle of light around the earth and allow one to expand his hopes and expectations. They worked with the ancients of South America and the Sufis.

Polaris – developers of interdimesional travel. They bring the individual the encouragement and inner strength needed to reach out beyond his current ability. I first met this race when working at Tikal Temple in Guatemala. In the dark of night, we sat in meditation in the temple park entrance, and I felt a star connect with me. I began to see the flashing lights moving up and down across the sky. I asked the guide what the star was, and she told me it was Polaris and that many had seen the star send energies through the park toward the high Mayan temples. I then understood how Tikal had been a gateway to the stars and why the temples were built so high. They were beacons for other energies to travel in order to connect with the earth.

Procyon – This was the first race to understand and work with the Law of Karma. They assist with the other Laws, such as opposite expression, progress thought, and speech. They can teach universal laws and are very interested in the earth mission of learning the “Law of Love.”

Fomalhaut – very connected to the mechanical beings of light that were created by other races. This energy helps with the realizations and manifestations of addictions and connections to the material world. They were also connected to the earth around the time of the dinosaurs and help earthbound souls see where their earth origins lie in the akashic records. They have seen civilizations held captive and say to all: choose your own power and empower yourself.

Aldebaran – seeks to aid humanity with the seeding of new children and the bringing together of parents to create a happy living environment, to live, to grow, and to learn.

Antares – the understanding of the Tao and the shadow side are connected to this race. They hold no judgment but allow souls to evolve an understanding both sides.

Vega – musical and great communicators. They are the masters of sound. They are deeply connected to the masculine aspects of the universe and the Lyras in order to bring parenting balance to the earth.

Hathor – beings of great life and light. They work with the sound energy and the frequency of ecstasy. Found all around Egypt in statue form, these are the energies I evoke when working with Kundalini force. When you see a picture that resembles an alien head with large ears, this is a Hathor image. I always had two dear Hathor souls connect to me when I journeyed through Egypt. One feels their presence beside one, and they stand around 12 to 14 feet high.

Lyra – a founder race of the star seeds. This race works with the frequency of sound that is very connected to the feminine aspects of the universe. They act as a mother to Vega, and in a sense, they are like the parents of earth.

Sirius – currently connected with the earth and has been for a long time. A high majority of akashic sessions connect with this. I believe that this is because of the connections with the pyramids of Egypt and that this collaboration has existed for many centuries. I also know that many star seeds travel through this star when they travel to others. I like to think of it a space hub, rather like a galactic airport. Here, our energies are able to connect and soul groups are able to organize their contracts and missions with one another.

Almach – close to earth and the ascension journey. They learned the path of ascension and the lessons of love, harmony, and compassion long ago. They learned not to dwell on sad issues of the past but to take these as great learning. They have worked to assist spiritual masters here upon the Earth, such as Buddha, Jesus, and Confucius. They support the emotional journey here on earth to bridge the head and the heart.

Alcyone – manifestors of the mental and intellectual principles. This race was influential when Atlantis was flourishing on the planet. They also brought the lessons of a hands-off approach, and when the citizens of Atlantis began their own experiments, this race was only allowed to step back, watch, and not interfere.

El nath – connected with the initial seeding of the universe. From this energy, one can connect to many of the founder star seeds. Their message is one of love and that all souls are evolving in frequency. Those seeded from this energy find they can work through many dimensions. I first encountered this star when I began to work in Abydos temple in Egypt. It is in this temple that we find one of the first flower of life symbols and feel the sacred energy of the Mer Ka Ba.

I was part of a group, and we were wandering around the temple when I stopped in front on one of the side chambers. I saw in front of me in the stone what I felt to be a large doorway. I heard the guide say that this was the Osiris high chamber, and I heard the words El Nath. I knew at once that I was connected to this chamber. I heard the small whisper of the sacred text, and I began to stand very close to the wall and run my fingers into the etching. As I closed my eyes and bowed my head, I felt the door shift and felt myself move into a greater chamber. I kept my eyes closed and very still so as not to attract attention from the guards. I saw two light beings step forward, and I recognized them as family. Whenever I am unsure or need support, I visit this place in my dreams. I always find answers and high vibration support.

Andromeda – a galaxy linked through the Milky Way. This is the race that is a bridge and acts as a gatekeeper to other aspects of the universe. They can open portals and doorways through black holes and connect to Antares. Souls passing through this vortex regain soul memory.

Orion – very connected to the earth. However, this has often been a gateway to lower levels and negative aspects. The Orion star seeds resonate with polarity and will show both the light and the shadow.

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Dr. Amanda Romania is a futurist, Akashic oracle, and soul journey artisan. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with her family, where she teaches and guides clients in person from her fabulous Sedona Soul Artisan Sacred Studio, Writers Salon and Atlantis Metaphysical Center.

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