Starseed Family Connection Meditation

Practice this mediation to connect with your star seed family!

When connecting with the universe and other realms, we journey far and wide through many dimensions and cosmic portals.

This will take time and may offer a few surprises along the way.

Therefore, I use an energy frequency similar to that of reading your akashic earth records, but I build in additional vibrations and words to ensure your journey is safe and sound.

Take a moment and find a safe space from which you can work and star travel. Keep your journal close to make notes.

Before you start, perhaps you can meditate a little upon why you may wish to connect to your star family or to another galactic civilization.

It may be curiosity.

It may be for knowledge.

It may be to know you are part of something great and magnificent.

And so we begin.

Take a few deep breaths, and while seated comfortably, just glance around the room.

Allow your attention to rest upon your heart chakra and begin to build the golden light.

As this golden light builds, start to think of everything you feel gratitude for.

Building light, building love.

Now, visualize that light expanding from your body and filling the room.

You may close your eyes, alter your focus, or remained wide-eyed, allowing any messages to channel through.

See, feel, and try to hear the light

Allow all your clairsentient, clairvoyant, claircognizant senses to open.

Keep breathing and focusing on the golden light.

See your roots of shining light reach the crystal of Gaia and connect.

As you do, you see the crystal sparkle and the light rise back up though the roots into your feet, legs, and body, back to the heart.

See the light rise from your heart and move through your throat into your head and, like a fountain, allow it to move up through your head into the sky and connect with a star above.

See the light move back to you until the pulse remains in your heart and the light that surrounds you is a column from sky to earth.

Now focus on your heart and warm it awake.

Imagine it has a glowing star with five points.

To open all the points, allow the heart energy to flow, and focus on the happiest moments or people in your life.

Relax, smile, and let the happy thoughts expand this heart chakra.

Send light around this star.

Feel your shoulders relax backwards and feel the peace around you.

Now, see a small flame in the center of the star.

Allow yourself to flow into the flame.

This is the flame of transformation and transmutation; it clears negativity and brings purification and clarity.

Warm yourself in the flame and smile.

Now, look down and see a pearl, a beautiful translucent and radiant pearl.

Hold it in your hand. Gently send it love and be amazed at how beautiful it is.

This is your heart, beloved, your divine heart.

It is the perfect essence of yourself when you were created as a star seed.

This is the place you can visit and find your truth.

You are connected to the earth and the universe in your divine heart.

Visualize a large pyramid in front of you.

Give yourself permission to open the veils of the akashic records that are connected to the multi-dimensions of your soul.

Call to your spirit guides and angels for protection and assistance.

Began to see the sacred symbols appear to you.

Strange words may appear, as well as new colors and new sounds.

Remember, we are entering a space that is not of our world.

Now, see yourself entering into a long corridor.

You are safe.

See a large stone doorway at the end of the corridor.

Step up to this door

See the symbols written upon the door.

See the image of the star in the centre.

Call to the goddess Seshat for connection to the other worlds

Allow the door to open and the night sky with the stars and planets to become clearly visible.

Now, imagine you can step out into this amazing space.

Feel the rush of cosmic energy travel through you, pulling you out and into the matrix of muti-dimensional travel.

Allow yourself to hear, see, and feel the images and messages that come forward to you.

Which star or planet comes to mind first?

What is your connection to this place?

Who is here to meet you?

What did you bring from this place with you to earth?

How can this star or planet help you?

What gifts do they give you?

How can they support you in the future?

Take as much time as you wish here in this amazing space.

When you are ready, thank this amazing space and race for their connection.

See the golden light beating within your heart.

Allow yourself to return to the stone doorway and see it close.

Thank the energy of Seshat for her protection and for holding the golden cord to help you return.

Become aware of your physical surroundings once again.

Wriggle your fingers and toes and make sure you feel grounded and fully back in your physical body.

Relax a little, take some water, and make notes in your journal.

Welcome back.


Oh, ancient graces of time before and now

Hear my call to thee

Thou have been with me before my time and will be present long after

Allow me safe passage to unravel the thread of my timeline

Allow me to unlock the akashic record of my soul deeper and wider than ever before

I know deep within my heart lies a key

A key of light that connects to all fusion of nature and God’s presence

A universal code

Allow my pilgrimage between dimensions to be safe and sound

I am a traveler of worlds and times

I seek wisdom, I seek truth, and I seek clarity

I am connected to these infinite worlds beyond the knowledge of man

I am free of limitation

I am alive with the magical light

I am one with all

So be it as it is

So be it above and below.


Dr. Amanda Romania is a futurist, Akashic oracle, and soul journey artisan. She lives in Sedona, Arizona, USA, with her family, where she teaches and guides clients in person from her fabulous Sedona Soul Artisan Sacred Studio, Writers Salon and Atlantis Metaphysical Center.

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