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With the Soul Journey Artisan, Amanda Romania

Ask yourself these powerful questions:

  • Are you ready to inspire others and honor your soul record and write and publish your book?

  • Have you ever wondered how healing others with your writing can bring forward clarity for yourself and contribute to making the world a better place?

  • Do you dream of being a best-selling author who reaches a global platform?


If so, then Amanda may be the guide and support you need. She will guide you to see your author's mission from a totally empowering perspective. She will enable you to transform your dream into reality.


The Soul Artisan Author Journey will take eight core steps to complete and it can be completed at the pace that suits you. Don't keep those dreams and soul messages hidden; this is your time to share with the world.

"With empathetic insights and graceful guidance, Amanda Romania supported me as I envisioned turning my long-standing dream of writing a book into plausible, purposeful steps. During our discussion, I felt empowered to dive deeper into my soul to release the story I have to share with the world. Since receiving Amanda's assistance, I have been more excited than ever to advance my writing to the next level."

— Melanie, Frankfurt, Germany

Write your book & share your inspiring message

I believe everyone who has an inspiring story or message has a book within them, a legacy to leave for others. To hold this back always leaves them with a small hole in their heart, a "to do" not done and a wish unfulfilled.


But where to start? how to start?, how much will it cost?, how long will it take?

I asked all those same questions, hit the roadblocks and felt the fear.I have invested in self-publishing, sold work to traditional world leading publishers, been translated into many languages across the world. I have also worked with some of the world's best selling authors helping them gather their greater purpose and motivation for the world. I achieved my writing and publishing dream.
I want to share that wisdom with you now.

Join me for a 1 hour book writing and strategy session.  

In the session we will: 

  • Define why you wish to write a book

  • Identify your personal message

  • Examine your time and financial commitment you can make.

  • Offer solutions of how, when and where to start

This session will provide you with a start up plan and a road map to get you down this amazing yellow brick road. Writing and publishing is a journey of heart and soul discovery, give yourself the gift you have been waiting for.


Investment:  $144

Per hour session by phone call or Skype.

Email today:

Your Journey for Writing and Publishing your Book starts here.


Books are living entities. They create connection, inspiration and motivation for others. Sacred books are written with invisible keys and codes to unlock energy with another person.


You have chosen this program because I, Amanda Romania understand this, I have seen the magic that books create and I see this energy and aura around a book and its author. My mission is to help souls at this time unlock their wisdom and leave an amazing physical record for their legacy.


A sacred blueprint of inspiration and beauty. Now is your time to start this journey. It will take as long as you need it to, and please know it will also be a journey of your heart and you will discover amazing things about your self along the way. Healing of the soul will occur, self-realization will happen. 


So which doors do you need to journey through?



Here's a questionnaire to highlight your current position on the writers journey. 



The Intention – Clarity of why you are writing the book and the foundation essence of your message. 



The Motivation – What, where and how are you writing?



The Writing – Simply that !!!
Learn the skills to channeled writing. 



The Framework – Collate your writing, edit and proofread. 



The Legal Entity – Ensuring your manuscript is ready to publish.



Distribution – Where and how are you going to sell and supply the book?



Marketing – How are you going to reach your audience?



Global market – How will you reach the world?


This is a learning journey and all pieces will need your time, thought and resources. Know your book is already written in your heart and in the Akashic libraries.
Bring it to life NOW!!


Investment: $444
Sessions will be conducted in 4 hours of one to one coaching, on phone or skype. 

Email today:

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