Each one of us has a divine purpose that is always known to our souls. It waits to be remembered by us in our human lives. When we awaken to our destiny, we are truly able to self-actualize the imprint of our inspiration for the world to know.

— Amanda Romania

I am delighted you were guided to my website today.

You have taken a step towards listening and opening your heart and soul to finding the next stage on your spiritual quest. May you find the inner bliss, beauty and balance you have been seeking.


Please allow me to take you on a spiritual journey to awaken your inner sanctuary and lift the veils of your deep knowing.

Within this site you will find resources to heal, clear and bring clarity to all aspects of your life. You will find ways to comprehend your "souls sacred record" and become the leader of inspiration you came to Earth to be.


I am here to walk with you on the next part of your soul journey. My role is  to assist  you to awaken to whom you really are, to truly know the aspects of yourself on all dimensions. It's an honor to share this step forward with you!



A powerful combination that works with  activation and integration of cosmic principles, deeper attunement to higher consciousness, spiritual goals, and spiritual development. It assists with activating cosmic consciousness and the ability to perceive multiple dimensions, time travel and opens portals to other dimensions and worlds.
Access highly-inspired channeling states, and especially important to help with enhanced ability to intuitively perceive cosmic principles and ideas.

** This blend does not have a scent or fragrance. It is purely a vibrational frequency blend in pure Diamond Light and Andara water.



'Holy crap, POWERFUL is the best word I can describe this. I have been a fluid channel for years, but the connection I had after using this spray.... speechless. I was able to connect on levels I had been looking to awaken. It has been a wonderful experience....:
Danielle  Etsy review

Accelerate your spiritual growth by connecting with Amanda


'I cannot say enough about the amazing Amanda! I've being studying the Akashic Therapist program with her, and with this excellent training, I have grown my own skills as an Akashic librarian. Amanda's knowledge of ancient truths, deep wisdom, multiple levels of existence, and intuitive compassionate guidance are second to none. I have worked with spiritual teachers in the past, but none of them come close to Amanda. I'm so happy that I have had the opportunity to study with her. She's the best!  -- Sharon Lindenburger, London, Ontario, Canada.

"I am sincerely humbled for your words you expressed and for placing loving healing oil with the scent of roses when we were at the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi; the sacred oil had a very soothing, healing, and emotional effect on me. We had not met yet, as it was the first day, but Amanda reached out to me so lovingly. Thank you for sharing your talent given by Divinity. Sending you all my love."

Susan, Florida, USA