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Amanda Romania Spiritual Mentor Sedona
Amanda teaching in Egypt

I am delighted you were guided to my website today.

You have taken a step towards listening and opening your heart and soul to finding the next stage on your spiritual quest. May you find the inner bliss, beauty and balance you have been seeking.

Within this site you will find resources to heal, clear and bring clarity to all aspects of your life. You will find ways to comprehend your "souls sacred record" and become the inspiring leader you came to Earth to be or open your unique divine purpose and fulfill your destiny.


I am here to walk with you on the next part of your soul journey. My role is  to assist  you to awaken to whom you really are, to truly know the aspects of yourself on all dimensions. It's an honor to share this step forward with you!

Amanda Romania ~ Spiritual Mentor

Akashic Records Oracle Deck Work in your own Records


This beautiful Oracle Deck has been created by Master Akashic Librarian Amanda Romania.
Amanda has been a spiritual teacher and mentor for many decades and created this deck and the Akashic Records Therapy method to assist clients and students to access The Akashic Records, The Halls of Amenti and The Libraries of Light to assist with greater clarity in life as well as healing, clearing and providing clear direction through accessing your own personal Records and life path information. This is a live and working deck that allows you to safely work in the Record Houses and actually take action.

Oracle Deck Akashic Records
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