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'Facilitating access to the wisdom of the soul and the fields of all knowledge is my passion as a metaphysical teacher, to assist in creating a positive global imprint for the individual and the collective'.


Amanda Romania Spiritual Mentor Teaching at Sphinx

Amanda Romania is an international author, intuitive, visionary spiritual mentor, teacher of metaphysics and is a Master Akashic Record Oracle and Librarian.

Amanda specializes in spiritual mentorship, empowerment, sacred Temple work and is a master in bridging the spiritual and physical worlds. Her understanding of how cosmic and universal energies effect and can be applied to everyday life experiences bring clarity and purpose on a deeper level.

By working with Amanda you may develop the skills to use or further enhance all of your unique spiritual gifts  to give greater understanding of your spiritual purpose and give voice to your subconscious like it has never been experienced before to gift positive outcomes into your life and global imprint. 

As a master Akashic Record Oracle, Amanda is able to open the veils to the mysteries of the Akashic matrix and cosmic realms and the etheric database of knowledge containing all the records of our incarnations.

For over 20 years, Amanda has worked with sacred site energy, Egyptian initiation, Temple wisdom and with indigenous elders and shamans globally. With a master's degree in Business from Durham University and a doctorate in Metaphysics, Amanda is a regular columnist for Sedona Emergence, Spirituality and Health, channel holder on Sci-SpyTV, and speaker on Voice America Radio. Amanda is Executive Producer and spiritual consultant for "End of the Line — The Women of Standing Rock" the Emmy Nominated documentary and also for the TV documentary Sacred Foods. Amanda was also honored to be the major 2019 /2020 sponsor for Sedona's Illuminate Film Festival, the world's premier Film Festival for conscious cinema.


Amanda's international client list is full of inspiring and motivating leaders, visionaries, authors, artists, light workers, and people who are ready to accept a fabulous destiny.

Amanda can be found in Sedona, Arizona or on one of her out of this world sacred journeys to Egypt, Central America, Peru,Glastonbury and other sacred Temple sites around the globe.

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by Amanda Romania

Often a spiritual awakening can occur with a book.. they can act as catalysts. Amanda has brought forward the information for her books directly from the Akashic Field and Libraries of Light and each book contains keys and codes to help you gain greater spiritual awareness and expanded consciousness. They are an excellent way to start or strengthen your connection and awakening to the Akashic Fields.


Akashic Therapy Book Flower of Life Press


Akashic Therapy works with sacred meditation to examine the past, present, future, and between-life lives. The Akashic Records is the etheric database of knowledge containing all the records of our reincarnations. This is the new revised 2023 edition available on Amazon.


Return to the Temple Book I


This sacred book acts as window  into a mystical and forgotten world that connects us to the karmic path of the Oracle, multiple timelines and the power of sisterhood and the divine feminine.

This is an expanded version of the initial Oracles of Egypt and Book II is due mid 2024!



Cosmic Connections and the Akashic Records


An expert guide to connecting with the cosmic races that influence human life. A fascinating journey, filled with knowledge and wisdom and the keys and codes to connect with the extraterrestrial races. NEW 2023 Revised Edition now available on Amazon.

                     $22 paperback 

                       $9.99 kindle

Akashic  Records Oracle Deck Access your Own Records


Access The Akashic Records and The Libraries of Light. This deck is designed to provide greater clarity and clear direction through accessing your own personal Records and life path information.


                         NOW ON SALE $15 

5 out of 5 stars  The Oracles of Egypt  

I loved this book! So much ethos. Conveys this arcane, ancient knowledge that somehow seems ahead of it's time. I haven't been compelled by a narrative in a long time, but this story was muah. *chef's kiss* I'm so glad I read this book; I got a whole lot out of it! Jessica Pena 

Supporting Sacred Film - Amanda Romania  Executive Producer



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