Sacred Retreats and Journeys

Amanda has been leading sacred journeys to Temple sites around the globe for over a decade. Her one of a kind sacred journeys to locations such as Egypt, Glastonbury and Peru are world renowned.

Every year you can visit a sacred site with Amanda and

experience the magical mystical connections that will accelerate your spiritual journey.

Sacred sites and  energy centers upon the Earth fast track your spiritual journey in life. They connect you to past life wisdom and can bring information to you about yourself you never knew existed.

Join Amanda on her out of this world Sacred Retreats and Journeys.



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MAY 2021

EGYPT 2021



Glastonbury 2021                           

The Journey of the Oracle and Merlin Magic

May 3 -12th  2021        

We explore the legend of Avalon and Joseph of Arimathia. We travel on the sacred Mary and Michael lay line to connect with the energy of Mary Magdalene the Oracle.

Come meet the elementals and the dragons. Many legends still remain hidden for you to explore. Unlock the secrets of the Tor and the Chalice Well. Tintagel and Cornwall - We find our connection to Merlin and the legends of Camelot. Here we visit with the ancients of the oceans and the wise ones from Atlantis.

Bath - We walk with the ghosts of the Ancient Romans and the modern Oracles such as Jane Austin. This beautiful city is home to all the best of British traditions.

We have a PRIVATE visit to Stonehenge and then we will move on to Avebury to learn the secrets of the stones will touch your heart. And perhaps we will find a crop circle to bring cosmic messages just for you.     Total Cost $3777 $1000 Deposit Non refundable. Single room $1000 extra  Information or Registration here

Egypt 2021 - The Golden Voyage                     

September 2021 Dates to be confirmed

Explore the wonders of the ancient Egypt, including Edfu, Philae, Aswan, Abydos, The Pyramid complex, The Sphinx at sunset. Alexandria and much more! Cruise the Nile and visit and access ancient Stargates and Star Chambers and embrace sacred initiation and remembrance of ancient wisdom. Tour begins and ends in Cairo. 5 - star accommodation, Breakfasts included throughout, and all meals included whilst on board and cruising the Nile.

This is a luxury journey of a lifetime. As you engage with spiritual gifts and past life memories, the work you will do on this sacred journey will not only have a lasting impact on yourself but also other light workers on the planet. Explore the sacred places and highlights while going far beyond the tourist norm and gain insights and experiences of ancient Egypt with Amanda’s unique access and insight.

$4997 USD per person Double occupancy Single room option available at additional $1000  deposit. For payment options and other registration information and to request full Itinerary:



Egypt 2019 

Halls of Amenti and Pyramid Activations

September 25th - October 5th 2019

On this 2019 journey we will visit the ancient Temples and Stargates within the Great Pyramid, sail along the Nile and visit many of the key Temple sites of which Amanda has intimate knowledge and connection with. This once in a lifetime trip will also include a private entrance into the Sphinx complex and an initiation into the Halls of Amenti with Amanda.

Journey includes airport transfers, 5 star accommodation, internal travel, tours, and private time in the Great Pyramid as well as the Sphinx.

Peru 2019 

Stargates, Shaman and other Dimensions

April 2019

On this journey we visit the key sacred sites and work with the Pervian Q'ero shaman. We will visit Cusco, travel throughout the sacred Valley  to Ollyantaytambo, Moray, Chinchera, Pisaq and more. Work with the star gates of Machu Picchu. Be blessed with 4 very powerful initiations and  ceremonies gifted  from the Q'ero elders and discover your own inner shamanic abilities. Take your self on a journey into another world of ancient wisdom. Each day we gather to review our lives intentions and connect to our spiritual higher selves.

Egypt 2018

Stargates, Portals and Connection to Atlantis

On this journey we will be working with the ancinet Temples located on the chakra line of the Nile. We begin with Abu simbel to gather your Lemurian keys and codes from the inner Earth. We then move north towards Philae Temple, Kom ombo and Edfu. Here we balance the divine masculine and feminine. We will then stay around in Luxor and visit the Valley of the Kings and Karnak Temples working with the teachings of Thoth and the ascension seats. We visit Abydos Temple where amanda will share her personal training and insight to to stargates. Finally in Giza you will join Amanda in the initiation ceremony with the Great White Brotherhood in the Great Pyramid. A not to be missed Egyptian journey. 

Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury, Stonehenge Magic 

Egypt 2017

Secrets of the Ancient World

Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine

On this sacred journey we will remember and connect with the ancient wisdom of Avalon and Merlin. We gather in London and then travel across to Glastonbury and back through the timelines to our past lives and ancient lineages. Whilst in Glastonbury we will visit the beautiful Chalis Well, historic Tor, work with the elementals and crystal leylines. We continue on to Cornwall and discover the myths and magik of Merlin, Tintagel and attend a private ceremony with singing bowls at King Arthurs Court. Magical dreams can be remembered. We conclude this trip in Bath  however the magic never stops as we visit Avebury and who knows, maybe a crop circle will appear. 

It's time to remember  your ancient past. Looking through the lenses of the  ancient Egyptians  we start at the Cairo Museum. Here you can remember who you truly were. We then leave for our 5 star cruise and will be sailing along the Nile immersed in sunrises and sunsets and visiting the sacred Temples, High Altars and cosmic portals along the way. Each day opens another chapter of remembering  that can leave you forever changed . The highlight of this trip  will be an early morning visit to the Great Pyramid on the Giza Plateau  before the rest of the world has entered through the tourist doors. You will place your foot on the first step of the Grand Gallery Staircase and be transported to another dimension not of this world..

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