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Train with Amanda ~ Sacred Wisdom Teachings

Advanced Temple Mastery Programs to provide in depth wisdom, attunements and initiations to expand your spiritual ascension and practice. Simple ways to incorporate powerful practices into your career and daily life.  Private one to one sessions with Amanda. 

Not sure where to begin? 


The following program information and sequence provides insight into the content and focus of each training. Even if you have had Akashic training before, The Akashic Records program gets you into the Record Houses quickly and safely and enables you to take action within your own Records and create positive change. The programs are designed to empower you in ways that benefit your life, global imprint and your ascension path. So beginning with Akashic Therapy and working with the Oracle deck in the Record houses, provides a great foundation for the other programs and ensures you can access the information you need as you progress into other specialized areas.

If you would then like to delve deeper and continue on with the programs and into deeper spiritual work, the next program adds to the first. and delves into specific areas of spiritual work.

Temple Mastery Programs 

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Akashic  Therapy Program, Access the Akashic Records
Akashic Records Oracle
Atlantis Mystery School Program

Program companion or stand alone Deck

Cosmic Connections Program Awaken the Starseed in your Soul
Elements of Magical Alchemy Program
Spiritual Energy and Ascension Program
Oracle Mastery Program
Ancient Healing Level I
Ancient Healing Level II
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