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Akashic Therapy


What are the Akashic Records and Akashic Fields and how do I best access my Records?

Amanda has created a foolproof, clear sequence to give you sound understanding and experience in working in the Akashic Fields, Record Houses and Libraries of Light. The book and following programs open and activate your divine knowing. Whether you are just beginning your awakening and remembering or firmly on your spiritual path, Akashic Therapy offers the keys, codes and wisdom for personal and professional application. and growth.

What are The Akashic Records really?

Activate Your Akashic Record Access

"This is not a book about words, it is coded with transmissions of sacred energy. if are guided to connect with this book it works with your energy matrix within you and around you. Once your heart opens with this golden energy you are connected to the frequency. Your dreams deepen and your intuitive sight grows. Akashic therapy works with sacred meditation to examine the past, present, future, and between-life lives for healing, clearing, and clarity. The Akashic Therapy book works with sacred meditation to examine the past, present, future, and between-life lives. The Akashic Records is the etheric database of knowledge containing all the records of our reincarnations.

Transmissions and  Codes

 Sacred Meditation

Healing Clearing Clarity. 

Empowering Audios~ Videos

Your Personal Records

Sacred Wisdom

Learn to Read from the Record Houses

This program provides you with the guidance and empowering processes to assist you to read and work with your own Akashic Records and thus set your course with wisdom, clarity and insight. 
The program provides specific processes and sacred wisdom to see what elements are effecting or active in your life and through greater understanding of ancient and energetic wisdom, bring healing, clearing and clarity into your life experience.

Access and read your own Akashic Records with this easy use home study program. This program includes guided downloadable workbook, guided audio meditations and videos along with 3 hours of personal session work with Amanda for just. $397

Ancient Wisdom


Halls of Amenti

Unlock the Next Step of the Mystery 

The Atlantis Mystery School Package is designed for those wanting to seek further ancient wisdom, and knowledge.

Includes 3 highly powerful interactive private sessions with Amanda, where together you will cover communication with The Karmic Board, accessing the Halls of Amenti, The Emerald Tablets and ancient Atlantis and the wisdom of the timelines with integrity and confidence.

The entire program including private session time is only$397

Galactic Ambassadors


Cosmic Time Travelers

Starseed Transmissions

Go Galactic and Cosmic

Do you ever look up the night sky and wonder what is out there and where you came from or how to connect with other realms

Cosmic Connections is designed to address these questions and  connect you to your higher self-spiritual connection, access and integration.

Learn about your cosmic origins, star-seeds, Galactic Councils and how to navigate the other dimensions.

The Cosmic Connections Program includes ta specific workbook, audios  as well as 3 hours of personal session time with Amanda where you can delve deep into your specific roles, connections and star family information. 

Program cost: $397


"Amanda Romania changes the way we human beings look at ourselves, each other, the universe and the energy that surrounds us. She brings balance; depth, love and light in her unique work of helping us achieve our higher selves."— David, United Kingdom