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© 2019 by Amanda Romania                     Created  by FeatherTrailDesigns

Tel : (001) 541-968-8883

Temple Training

Sedona is a metaphysical University of the USA. Amanda Romania teaches over 101 sacred trainings to allow you to you remember your Temple work of the past and help you to apply it into the future. Her classes are innovative, fun and lead to deep spiritual awakening and understanding. Each class lasts 60 minutes and can be accessed during a live stream transmission or a downloadable file. 

Selecting your classes

Simply contact Amanda with the classes you would like to purchase and the download link will be sent on completion of payment

You can also contact Amanda for the upcoming season or semester class schedule or make inquiries here. 


There are no pre-requisites for the classes and you can join the upcoming livestreams as you choose via a simple Paypal payment.

All classes are livestream video of either 45 or 60 minute duration and yours to keep. These recordings are evergreen and can be revisited for new layers of activation and expansion. Further back catalogue coming soon 

$10 per class

Sunday October 27th 

  • Love and light with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene 

Sunday November 3rd 

  • Oracle cards and divination 

Sunday November 10th 

  •  Cosmic portals and activations 

Sunday November 17th 

  • Star family Sirius, Pleiades and Arcturus                  Fall classes still only  $10  and include download replay 


Spring Sessions 2019

Akashic Records and your 2019 Scrolls

Sacred Heart and Soul Connections

Glastonbury and Merlin Magic

Abundance and the New Money Grids

Psychic Skills and Messages from other Dimensions

Karmic Board and Ascension Support

Egypt and the Stargates

Summer Sessions 2019

Saint Germain and the Divine Masculine

Maldeck, Lemuria and Atlantis

Peruvian Stargates and Connection through Machu Picchu

Akashic Records and the Life Between Lives

The Goddesses of Egypt

All classes $10

Request your downloads here


Change Your Life & Help the Change in Others!
Work with the Akashic Library of Light. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions.


"Thank you so very kindly for a wonderful blessed evening. It was a magnificent experience and I truly feel an awesome launch of your teachings here in Sedona. I so look forward to many more!!! You are an amazing facilitator and have created a magical environment that's safe and grounded and also allows us to expand out into the cosmos... your meditations are off the charts...Truly incredible!"

—Donna, Sedona, Arizona