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Temple Training

Sedona is a metaphysical University of the USA. Amanda Romania teaches over 101 sacred trainings to allow you to you remember your Temple work of the past and help you to apply it into the future. Her classes are innovative, fun and lead to deep spiritual awakening and understanding. Each class lasts either 45 or 60 minutes and is available as a  downloadable file. upon purchase. For back catalog downloads email us.

There are no pre-requisites for the classes and you can join the upcoming livestreams as you choose via a simple Paypal payment.

These recordings are evergreen and can be revisited for new layers of activation and expansion. 

If you are interested in more advanced work, please ask us about Temple Mastery options and Sacred Journeys and Retreats.

Oracle Channeled Messages 
Complimentary Temple Training Class April 2021


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Selecting your classes


There are no pre-requisites for the classes and you choose via a simple Paypal payment.

All classes are livestream video of either 45 or 60 minute duration and yours to keep. These recordings are evergreen and can be revisited for new layers of activation and expansion. 

Email us for purchase from the back catalogue.


We still have our back catalog available. To select any of these simply email us with your selection and we will send you the links on receipt of payment.


The Halls of Amenti

Glastonbury New Earth Messages



Sacred Space in the new Age


*Akashic Records 2020

  Akashic Records Oracle messages - Make a difference in 2020

*Elementals and the ancient tree wisdom -What, where, who are

  the elementals. Tree wisdom & magic.

*Transmitting negative energy - What is it? Where is it? How to 

   manage and transmute. Clear old spirits.

*Ancient healing wisdom of Egypt and the Seichem -Egypt       

  healing arts. What is Seichem Reiki? How to use this ancient

  healing art. One symbol and how to use it.



*Akashic Records and your 2019 Scrolls

*Sacred Heart and Soul Connections

*Glastonbury and Merlin Magic

*Abundance and the New Money Grids

*Psychic Skills and Messages from other Dimensions

*Karmic Board and Ascension Support

*Egypt and the Stargates


*Saint Germain and the Divine Masculine

*Maldeck, Lemuria and Atlantis

*Peruvian Stargates and Connection through Machu 


*Akashic Records and the Life Between Lives

*The Goddesses of Egypt



*Love and light with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene 

*Oracle cards and divination 

*Cosmic portals and activations 

*Star family Sirius, Pleiades and Arcturus 


All videos just $10 each

Request your downloads here

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Change Your Life & Help the Change in Others!
Work with the Akashic Library of Light. 

Please read our Terms and Conditions.



Hi, Amanda-I feel I received much thru the class yesterday, and resonated with the messages you brought thru. I am quite conscious of the lifetime in which I knew both Marys, and felt especially close to “Mother Mary”. Her great strength and love was a healing balm to me after Jesus died, and she became my strongest supporter and confidant. Over the years I’ve had a few powerful healing experiences with Mother Mary, and have thought of how wonderful it would be to feel her Presence with me more often. I LOVED the guided meditation, and feel it will assist me in reconnecting more closely with both Marys.  

Thank you for sharing your gifts and wisdom from your heart.  C 💜🙏


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