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A divine blend of oils from Philae in Egypt selected from Amanda's recent Egypt journey. 
A new addition to the Temple Blends.
Double Jasmine soft and delicate Blue Lotus  and Violet with a touch of Egyptian White Rose
This is a lovely blend and not "perfumey".

60 ml Gold Glass with spray:
*Egyptian Oils (Double Jasmine,Blue Lotus, Violet, Egyptian White Rose)
*Diamond light water
*Nano Gold

Use for ceremony, ritual and initiation.



Feb 28, 2024

5 out of 5 stars    

"This spray is out of this world incredible! It smells like pure magic and the energy is off the charts. It is light and sensual and mysterious. ❤️"

Temple of Isis Temple Spray SALE

$33.00 Regular Price
$24.75Sale Price
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