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Spiritual Consultations   

Work with Amanda Romania to connect you to the messages from your soul and your unique Akashic Records.

Amanda is a master Akashic Record Oracle, Librarian and key holder. She can assist in decoding personal records, accessing mission and sacred contract information and the appropriate keys and codes for your spiritual growth and expansion. Amanda is able to facilitate sacred initiations and attunements to incorporate ancient wisdom into practical application and open access to tools for the modern visionary.

Amanda can open the veils to the mysteries of the Akashic Fields, cosmic realms and the etheric database of knowledge containing all the records of our incarnations, to generate solutions and provide tools and effective ways to incorporate spiritual practices that are highly beneficial to both professional and personal development. 

Specializing  in spiritual mentorship, empowerment, sacred Temple work and in the sharing of how cosmic and universal energy can be understood and applied to everyday life experiences, Amanda assists in the developing of skills to use and enhance all of your spiritual gifts and senses. Find your inner peace and understanding of your spiritual purpose, give a voice to your subconscious like it has never experienced before and learn methods to gift positive outcomes into your life at a deeper level.

Session Options

Book Spiritual Consultation Amanda Romania Spiritual Mentor
Book Spiritual Consultation Akashcic Therapy Sedona

This session allows for more than one question. Great follow up session or when you need specific insight, regression timelines and such.

This is an in depth session with time for regression, deeper work, soul purpose and working in the Record houses.

Book Spiritual Consultation Akashcic Therapy

This is an in depth session with time for regression, deeper work, soul purpose and working in the Record houses. and much more.

Book Spiritual Consultation Akashcic Therapy

Invaluable astrocartography 

insight into areas that you are best suited to on the planet. Understand key areas that align with your soul path, life purpose and calling.

Package Options - Private Mentorship

Book Spiritual Consultation Akashic Therapy

 The package options gives you 3 hours of private session time to be used  anytime over a 12 month period. Max. of 90 mins per session.

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Book Spiritual Consultation Akashcic Therapy Sedona
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The package options gives you 7 hours of private session time to be used  anytime over a 12 month period. Max. of 90 mins per session.. More info can be found under Temple Mentorship on the Temple Mastery page 

For personal sessions please schedule your own session via the above selection.

We encourage higher self connection to select your time via this website and the scheduling page.


and are booking your package or training sessions.

                       When booking packages Amanda can connect with you to assist with booking your

                                                                              session times for best continuity.


Please note that all sessions are via phone or Zoom unless otherwise organized with Amanda.

Zoom links will be sent the day before your session.



Amanda Romania was the teacher that I had been seeking for in this life time.  For many years on my spiritual journey I was constantly learning and experienced many spiritual encounters. It wasn't until I became a student in one of Amanda's classes that she taught me how to connect the dots and make the connection to the language that my soul was calling for.  She teaches in a way that is so easy to grasp; yet  she's with you as a guide ensuring me as a student... to ask any questions with ease!!!  Amanda is a Gifted Teacher!!!

I've gained so much confidence and I'm using the tools that I've learned with Amanda Romania, in my Spiritual Practice and Daily Life.

Thank you  Amanda (Great  Galactic Teacher!!! - Isis ... Raleigh NC


Amanda Romania changes the way we human beings look at ourselves, each other, the universe and the energy that surrounds us. She brings balance; depth, love and light in her unique work of helping us achieve our higher selves."— David, United Kingdom


"Amanda Romania you are amazing. Thank you for connecting.

The energy was needed. I'm super clear on the vision. Sending love your way."

— Denita, Washington DC

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