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Sacred Training


Akashic Therapy works with sacred meditation to examine the past, present, future, and between-life lives. The Akashic Records is the etheric database of knowledge containing all the records of our reincarnations.



The Oracles of Egypt acts as window  into a mystical and forgotten world that connects us to the karmic path of the Oracle, multiple timelines and the power of sisterhood and the divine feminine.

Soft cover version       



An expert guide to connecting with the cosmic races that influence human life. A fascinating journey, filled with knowledge and wisdom and the keys and codes to connect with the extraterrestrial races.



The Oracles of Egypt acts as window  into a mystical and forgotten world that connects us to the karmic path of the Oracle, multiple timelines and the power of sisterhood and the divine feminine. Hardcover version



Access The Akashic Records and The Libraries of Light. This deck is designed to provide greater clarity and clear direction through accessing your own personal Records and life path information.


Akashic Therapy Training Programs

Study in depth with Amanda Romania

Amanda has created a range of simple, yet powerful and activating training courses.

Through these training packages Amanda shares her decades of experience, wisdom, and knowledge to help you connect with your higher self and with the Akashic Records. Not only will you be able to connect with the Akashic Records for yourself, but you will also have the opportunity to learn how to read the Records of others.

Through the understanding of ancient wisdom, you will be able to bring greater healing, clearing, and clarity for yourself and others in your journey through this Earth life.

Not sure which package is best for you? Amanda offers a 15 minute complimentary discovery call. Simply email Amanda to organize a call .


This Akashic Records Package includes the workbook, MP4's, Oracle deck plus  3 hours of personal sessions.   $397



The Atlantis Mystery School  Package. For ancient wisdom and enlightenment seekers. Includes 3 highly powerful personal sessions.   $397



The Cosmic Connections Package combines in-depth connection processes with 3 personal sessions.  $397



A powerful spiritual course. 3 hours of personal Oracle Training, MP3's and Workbook. $397 



Oracle Mastery

Where can I use this skill and how can these trainings help me or my clients?
Beginning with The Akashic Record program you can use this skill in all aspects of your personal and professional life. It will help you understand greater wisdom and develop stronger intuition, which will in turn help you in your decision and practical application of spiritual insight into daily life. 

You will understand what the Akashic Records are and how they connect with every soul. You will learn about the spiritual journey of Amanda Romania and how she came to develop this method of detection and decoding with the records. You will then observe, learn, and practice Akashic Records reading, detection and decoding for yourself. 

The packages offer many spiritual energy keys and codes that will continue to develop with practice after you have departed the program. 

Assist others in healing and clearing their personal Records. You can choose to use this skill as a personal Akashic Records-keeper session, incorporate this in your current spiritual work, or even simply use it as a tool and technique to enhance your lifetime and earth experience.


Amanda's book and workshop are amazing. She provides a unique and gentle process for accessing often buried or forgotten past, present and future life information. Once accessed we can heal, clear or gain clarity that will positively impact this lifetime and beyond. The book is easy to read, the stories are captivating, and the meditations amazingly effective. If you're reaching for transformation, this book is a wonderful catalyst.-

- Natalie Eve Marquis AZ


"I am sincerely humbled for your words you expressed and for placing loving healing oil with the scent of roses when we were at the Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi; the sacred oil had a very soothing, healing, and emotional effect on me. We had not met yet, as it was the first day, but Amanda reached out to me so lovingly. Thank you for sharing your talent given by Divinity. Sending you all my love."

Susan, Florida, USA

5 out of 5 stars    

I loved this book! So much ethos. Conveys this arcane, ancient knowledge that somehow seems ahead of it's time. I haven't been compelled by a narrative in a long time, but this story was muah. *chef's kiss* I'm so glad I read this book; I got a whole lot out of it! Jessica Pena Jan 31, 2020